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The foundation of JMD group was laid by Late Sh. J.R. Dhingra, who was a social activist and a religious and pious person. With his dynamic approach, guidance and vision, the group, which started with a Grocery shop has achieved astounding heights. Sh. J.R. Dhingra passed away in the year 2001 but his teachings, inspirations and values have been well carried by his four sons namely Gulshan Kumar, Krishan Kumar, Naresh Kumar and Sanjay Kumar. They further fragmented the JMD tree, planted by their father and expanded, diversified and consolidated their position by working and living jointly as a close fist.   

JMD Group started the business of edible oils in the year 1987 as a distribution unit. The promoters have invested their best efforts, vision and acumen in carrying out the business. Thereafter they kept on adding multinationals and reputed companies/brands who have shown their eagerness to be associated with the group and promote their brand/business e.g " Vital"- (SM Dyechem), "Dalda Refined Oil" -(Hindustan Lever Limited), "Sundrop, Crystal" - (Agro Tech Limited), "Sohna"- (Markfed), "Saffola"- (Marico Industries Limited).

"Meanwhile the group diversified into the business of manufacturing and marketing of Dairy products and took franchise of "INDANA" brand in the year 1997. They took on lease the dairy plant of Foremost Industries (I) Ltd (Owner of Indana brand) situated at Saharanpur. However in view of a high operational cost, being old plant, the promoters discontinued the operation of the said plant and outsourced the manufacturing of the dairy operations"   

Over a period of time, the group established its own market and presence in the business of edible oils and dairy products. It has been making supplies to more than 7000 retail outlets, Canteen Stores Departments (CSD), multinationals, five stars hotels, restaurants, fast food centers, confectioneries manufacturers etc. It had been outsourcing the manufacturing/refining of edible oils and dairy products from outside jobbers."However, at times there has been pressure with regard to the quality and regularity of operation of the external jobbers."    

As a process of backward integration the group took over a dairy plant in Distt Ballabhgarh (Haryana) in the year 2003. The said plant had milk processing capacity of lac ltr per day. The said plant was owned by Kwality Dairy (India) Limited, a public limited  listed company. The group had to undergo the Takeover regulations as prescribed by SEBI. After takeover, the promoters took the first step to reduce operational/running cost and incurred huge capital expenditure. Thereafter they increased the milk processing capacity to 3 lac ltrs per day. Meanwhile the company has also leased out its packing facilities for packing of fresh milk under the brand of “Amul” catering to Delhi. The promoters put their best to convert a loss making venture to a profitable enterprise.

"In the year 2004, the group diversified and set up a plant for packaged drinking water and aerated drinks under the brand name of 'H2GO'. Over a short period of two years the brand had been well appreciated and well seen in the market. It has acquired a high position in the market. "

"After successfully establishing in this market and venturing into production of packaged water and dairy products, the group conceived an idea to go for backward integration in its core business of edible oils and establish a refinery. Since more than 50% of edible oil consumption is met from imports, the group decided to establish a plant near a Sea Port. Accordingly, it set up its 800 TPD capacity plant near Kandla port and Gandhidham city in Kutch District of Gujarat." The plant has been put to operations since the year 2005 with continuing expansions incorporated.

Over a period of time the group has been interacting with a numerous parties/customers comprising of multinationals, five star hotels, restaurants, fast food centers, retailers, wholesale markets and direct consumers etc. Its products being consumer products have a name in the household. Whereas there has been a boom in real estate business. The group decided to operate as per the time and market environment. After making a thorough study and research  the group diversified  and entered into the business of Real Estate, housing project under the brand name of ‘JTPL’. The integrity and reputation of the promoters have paid rich dividends and housing projects have began with a flying colors. 

The group's brands become the favoured choice of every customer in the edible oil segment and other consumer food products at the local and national level. To be the preferred choice in the market place/households.

We aspire to bring more and offer extra to our customers through our unending innovation and commitment to quality along with service excellence and integrity in business practices. Our aim is to solicit our customers performance for a life-long commitment with our brands through technological advancement and unimaginable customer service.

All our dealings are characterized by transparency and honesty, be it with our internal or external customers thus adding to our charisma and well deserved reputation, built painstakingly through years of hard work.

"We believe in the power of team spirit, which can work wonders and believe in taking everyone along in our path to progress. "

Customer relationships and feedback use of innovation and technology to enhance quality and resonable prices will help us in attaining customer delight which is the central point of our business focus!