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JMD group carry its business activities under the following concerns:

1. JMD Oils (P) Ltd

2. Super Veg Oils (P) Ltd

3. JMD Beverage (P) Ltd

4. JMD Proteins (P) Ltd

5. Delhi Super Roadways

After having worked for marketing and trading of brands/products of other companies for a decade, in the year 1995 the group had entered the new level of business vertical by introducing its own brand in edible oils PRIYA, SHEETAL, LITTLE & LITE etc. This was the period when M/s JMD Oils (P) Ltd was formed to carry out the business of packing and marketing of edible oils under its own brand name.

Over a period of time, the group established its own market presence in the edible oils and dairy products market segment. It has been making supplies to more than 7000 retail outlets, Canteen Stores Departments (CSD), multinationals, five stars hotels, restaurants, fast food centers, confectioneries manufacturers etc.

In order to scale up further on the business verticals, the group conceived an idea to go for backward integration in edible oils. It decided to go for establishing an edible oil refinery. Since more than 50 % of edible oils consumption is met out of import, the group decided to establish a plant near Sea Port. The group therefore decided to set up a plant in Kandhla, Distt Gandhidham, Gujarat. Accordingly it set up a plant with capacity of 800 TPD. The plant has been put to operation in the year 2005.

The plant is set up with the state of the art technology and has sourced equipments from international renowned suppliers i.e, Desmet (physical and chemical refinery), Westfalia (separators), Gekanous (steem boiler), Olusuma(tin filling machine). Besides port based, it    has an added locational advantage of railway siding. It has built up in house   manufacturing of packing materials i.e. tin manufacturing, jar manufacturing, bottle manufacturing and corrugated boxes. It has in-house power generation based on high pressure boiler cum turbine.

The Unit is eligible for Excise Exemptions for five years. However refined oils and vanaspati are not subject to excise duty. Unit is enjoying excise exemption on by products. Crude Palm oils is imported from Malaysia/Indonesia. Degummed soya oils is imported from Argentina and Brazil.

The company has set 18 depots in northern and eastern parts of India. Its products            and brands are well appreciated in the market. Its products are sold / supplied to CSD, multinationals, five stars hotels, institutions and retail chain stores & retailers.

It has its own fleet of 40 tankers for transportation of oils from and to different locations.

The present empire achieved by JMD group was started with the marketing of various brands of other companies. Even after establishing its own manufacturing base the promoters have not discarded the original ground base. They are continuing with the marketing of products of different companies and catering to the services of brand loyal customers. The reputed brands and companies dealt in by the company are as under:

Markfed                                -           Sohna

Super Veg Oils Private Limited is engaged in marketing and distribution of edible oils and ghee of other companies, which have not been ventured by the group i.e. Groundnut, Sunflower, Cardi Oil, Rapseed etc.

In the year 2004 the JMD Group forayed to bring health and fizz in life with the launch of its own brand of Packaged Drinking Water and Club Soda (H2Go). In collaboration with Sydney Spring Holdings Co., Australia, JMD presents H2Go the premium quality packaged drinking water and club soda to make all your beverages absolutely refreshing. Guided by the goals of quality, health, hygiene for the customer, JMD’s sparkling offerings are a true delight.

The brand has created a niche in the market in a very short span of time. It has occupied the position of a leader among the local brands. The products are well accepted and visible in the market.

JMD Proteins Private Limited is engaged in trading of various commodities i.e. soap, dairy products, dry-fruits, pickels etc.